The Bridge

The ultimate tool for streamlining the tendering process. Made for property managers and contractors.

Tendertool is available for Android Tendertool is available for Android

Efficiency Simplified

We exist to offer all Property Managers an efficient tool to bridge communication with trusted trades. We simplify this process by connecting managerial duties of obtaining tenders and issuing timely work orders from trades approved by management firms. TenderTool is a utility app for property managers and contractors.

Tenders have never been easier Tenders have never been easier

I'm a Property Manager. Why use TenderTool?

Fraud Prevention Super Simple

Fraud Prevention

Prevent the growing issues of tendering fraud by filtering contractors

Time Management Health

Time Management

Spend less time making tenders

Accurate Comparisons Set Targets

Accurate Comparisons

Accurately compare tenders received by contractors

Save Resources Save Resource

Save Resources

Eliminate resource-consuming miscommunication and invoice disputes

Documentation Documentation


In accordance with record keeping regulations per Ontario Condominium Act amendments

Simple Simple

Amazingly Simple

Just clicks away from creating a tender or work order

Quick Tenders

Eliminate note and picture taking of urgent issues. TenderTool allows managers to input images, dimensions and other crucial information into every tender produced. Make the tender or work order in just a few clicks.

Quick Tenders Quick Tenders

A Game Changer

The rest of the tendering proccess is just as easy! Quickly select your property, the service you need and the pre-screened contractors you want to bid.

A Game Changer A Game Changer

TenderTool for Contractors

Practical Functionality Practical Functionality


Eliminate time wasted by wondering if the property manager awarded the contract

Smart Alert Smart Alert

Smart Alert

Instantly be alerted about any tender requests nearby

Completely Online Completely Online

Completely Online

Never lose a crucial document with online backups

Tenders On The Go

Viewing all the information in a tender is just a button click away. Quickly see the images and descriptions necessary to make your decision.

Tenders on the go Tenders on the go

Smart Bids

Submit a bid from the description or drive there yourself to do your own inspections. You will instantly be notified the moment your bid is selected.

Smart Bids Smart Bids